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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seperating reviews

So I'm thinking about starting a few different blogs to separate the type of reviews I do. I have been asked to review books not only for myself but for a couple other sites too and one of them is a family only blog. I like to read everything, not just PG books. So, what do you guys think? Should I make separate blogs, or just warn someone when my review is a little heated? Can't wait to hear what you guys think.


Nancy Cudis said...

Good question! I've been thinking the same thing when my blog evolved from a personal one to a book blog. Obviously, I decided to keep one blog and positioned it as a book blog more than a personal one. It's much easier for me, especially in terms of time and energy. If I have the luxury of the time, probably I would have started off different blogs for different genres.

Your new follower,

Nancy @ Simple Clockwork

Books Ahoy said...

I think a warning would be fine New follower!! :)

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Books Ahoy said...

Oh and the answer to your question is yes :)

Bri Clark said...

Hey gal, I found ya via Vince Zandri's blog. I'm his publicist would you like to review one of his books? Shoot me an email at bri@belleconsult.com if so. Thanks. Cute blog.

Personally I throw in a little of me in my book review blog. People like to the know the reviewers as well as their opinions.

Komz@The Review Girl said...

Hi sugar,
Thanks for entering in my giveaway and leaving a comment on blog tips. I have answered your question. You can read it here:


Hope it helps!:)
Btw, you hv a very sweet pink blog, I love it!:)


CelticLady said...

I have been reviewing and blogging for over two years now and I maintain three blogs. It is an all day project sometimes. So for you to have a blog for different genres will cause you to have to keep up with numerous blogs. I think a warning should be sufficient. Good luck with your new life as a reviewer...